Every initiative has a starting point. Everything that is a limitation can be turned to strength. That is where the journey of this enterprise began. As a young man passionate about computers and latest technology I spent more time reading books and updates on technology in libraries than attending classroom lectures. While studying for my B. Tech in Computer Science at MDU, Rohtak between the years 2007 to 2011, I successfully implemented some useful IT tools and projects within the college and began my journey under the encouragement of the college’s professors and support of the college administration.

While most journeys involve working in employment somewhere, I entirely skipped that path, and despite not being from a business background set up my own firm by the end of the second year of my engineering degree. The firm was named DPI Infotech and has its own little snippet of a story behind it. I was an average mathematics student who found the subject academically challenging. Keeping this in mind I decided to turn the ever mysterious world of pi into DPI to remind myself that what is not necessary a strength can be turned into something that challenges and inspires a person to do better. The pi became bigger than just a mathematical term and I decided to make a future out of the name carrying out several independent assignments in IT, Digital and Training Sectors of information technology.


I successfully executed turnkey solutions in diverse business sectors including education, real estate, e-commerce, fashion, retail, merchandising, legal, and manufacturing, to name a few. In the time I spent on these projects over the years, I realized the biggest gap existed in imparting of knowledge about Digital Marketing, IT and Networking. I observed countless students, professionals and entrepreneurs spending a large quantum of money to gain knowledge and certification and unable to land jobs despite having been trained on the subjects.

There is a gap that exists in effective all round training in the field of digital marketing, IT and I have now stepped back into the one thing I was most passionate about – training. I firmly believe that a fifteen day crash course, taught right, can make you a master in the subject. All you need is a keen desire to learn, good communication skills and a willingness to excel.


Camera in Action
CameraInAction aims to be a people platform where a common person regardless of any industry or interest can come and improves his/ her acting or presentation skills that are a must in any career going forward and also open a door to earning handsome royalty-based income. Thousands of passionate photographers across the country will capture the essence of Indian culture via Indian faces among all age groups to serve it to the global audience and meet a huge surge in demand for creative images and videos with Indian faces.

Founded Year: 2020

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An Edtech AI-enabled Startup with a vision to support the Digital India initiative by improving the learning methodologies of an individual in various subjects and makes them a #FutureReady candidate by helping them building their Digital Portfolio.

Founded Year: 2014


DPI Infotech
A global IT and Digital Agency provides support and momentum to emerging & established businesses in the areas of IT and brand building with complete turn-key solutions.

Founded Year: 2009


"You get to see instantly what a huge difference you make. I want to help individuals, aspiring students and professionals, young startups and entrepreneurs, housewives, consultants, and others to excel in the field of digital marketing and help them succeed."