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I’ve been writing for many years. So, I am sharing my experience with you. At first, I also faced so many problems to improve my writing skills. As we got the guidance of reading newspapers, articles, blogs, and so many things. At once I started but after some time I knew it is not my cup of tea. Then I have decided to make a plan for myself. One thing I’ve learned that you need to do your best to succeed in content development.

To start a blog writing, you need to learn the art of perfect blog writing. There are five basic elements which you need to focus on:

1. An Innovative Idea:
You should analyze your audience, discover their interests, and a brilliant idea that might be valuable for your readers. A good writer puts quality over quantity, so it enhances your reach and engagement.

2. Catchy Headline:
A well-written headline is the most important element of your blog. So, your blog headline should be catchy and descriptive if you want to get more readers.

3. An intro with a Hook:
You need to write an amazing introduction if you want to capture your reader’s attention. Put some quotes, hook your targeted audience with a controversial statement.

4. Media Content:
Use media content such as infographics, videos, photos, images for the explanation. It has a better impact on your blog. Your media content should be relevant. So, either you can choose the image, or you can design as per your content requirements.

5. Enhance Readability:
Try to enhance the readability, while you are writing a blog. Put your readers first. Use simple vocabulary, short sentences, create bullets, add subheadings. It gives a better look.

These are the essential elements that every writer needs to understand. Apart from that, there are many other elements every blog should have, such as links, social media buttons, some advice, a conclusion, a call to action.

I tried this technique. At first, it was very difficult to adapt. But once I started focusing on that, it worked very well. Whenever you write a blog, make sure you remember all these elements. Only these elements can help you to start perfect blogging. You can start with 200-300 words, but once you start writing, it’ll definitely enhance your writing skills. You can also visit my website that is and check out my blogs. I recommend you try it at least once.
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